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  • Rescue for Sardines and Anchovies: Produce DHA through biotechnology using microalgae

    Bioprocess engineers Anja Lemoine and Stefan Junne are researching substitutes for fishmeal and fish oil in aquacultures by fermenting waste into different acids and then feeding these to microalgae. While others stockpile food, Lemoine and Junne hoard leftovers in the fridges of the Chair of Biopro more

  • Secrets of fluorescent microalgae could lead to super-efficient solar cells

    Tiny light-emitting microalgae, found in the ocean, could hold the secret to the next generation of organic solar cells, according to new research carried out at the Universities of Birmingham and Utrecht. Microalgae are probably the oldest surviving living organisms on the planet. They have evolved more

  • Harnessing energy from algae

    Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology have honed in on an enzyme belonging to the glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAT) family as a promising target for increasing biofuel production from the red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae. Algae are known to store up large amounts of oils called tria more

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  • How physics discovered TOC

    The determination of algal biomass using TOC is a new method that has proven to be highly suitable in a laboratory environment for the measurement of biomass more

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SERI microalgae culture collection

SERI microalgae culture collection The SERI microalgae culture collection was a collection from the Department of Energy's Aquatic Species Program cataloged at the Solar Energy Research Institute located in Golden, Colorado . The Aquatic Specie ... more


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