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  • Does the brain accumulate trauma?

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness that can develop after experiencing a traumatic event. Greater awareness of PTSD emerged when large numbers of soldiers returning from the Iraq war reported symptoms. Other traumatic events such as experiencing childhood or sexual abuse, a tr more

  • A health check based on epigenetics

    Chemical reactions and molecular modifications change the genome of each and every human over the course of their lifetime. These modifications can result in disease, but they also provide a basis for determining a person's biological age. Fraunhofer scientists participating in the project “DrugTarg more

  • A new piece to the puzzle sheds light on how UHRF1 regulates gene activity

    Epigenetic changes often play an important role in cancer, because they cause the genetic material to be read incorrectly at certain locations. Genes that are especially critical are those that control the growth and death of cells. Scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München have now discovered new det more

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Epigenetics - packaging artists in the cell

Methyl attachments to histone proteins determine the degree of packing of the DNA molecule. They thereby determine whether a gene can be read or not. In this way, environment can influence the traits of an organism over generations. more

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Methylation Methylation is a term used in the chemical sciences to denote the attachment or substitution of a methyl group on various substrates . This term is commonly used in chemistry, biochemistry , and the biological sciences. In biochemis ... more


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