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Pall GmbH, Germany

The life sciences industry is both driven and united by its need for speed to market, product reliability and economics. Pall’s leading edge filtration, separation and purification technologies and services play an essential and pivotal role in this industry’s ability to achieve these goals. In the more

Novamem AG, Switzerland

Novamem is a manufacturer and supplier of bioseparation membranes and chemically resistant filters. Our membranes help you purify and concentrate your precious biomolecules. Novamem is the first company that uses state of the art nanotechnology. We produce nano- to microporous membranes with unrival more

i3 membrane GmbH, Germany

i3 membrane stands for modern, digital separation technology. We believe that membranes can serve as more than mere filters and have developed new separation technologies for the fields of life science, medical technology, and industry. Thanks to engineered conductivity and inertness of coated polym more

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  • Theory unlocks the secret behind protein-membrane interactions

    Trillions of cells -- all different shapes and sizes -- form a human body's structure. Surrounding each cell is a membrane, jointly acting as hostess and security -- welcoming certain information into the cell while making sure its components don't spill out into the body's void. Much is known about more

  • "Waltzing" nanoparticles could advance search for better drug delivery methods

    Indiana University researchers have discovered that drug-delivering nanoparticles attach to their targets differently based upon their position when they meet -- like ballroom dancers who change their moves with the music. The study is significant since the "movement" of therapeutic particles when t more

  • Know your enemy

    To fight your enemies, it helps to know their weaknesses. And, the more specific your knowledge, the easier it is to undermine their defenses. If your enemy sits safe behind a giant wall, for example, its valuable to know how your foe constructed it, what materials they used, and what cracks you cou more

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New method for making zeolite nanosheets for ultra-selective membranes

A new method to make zeolite nanosheets leads to high performance membranes for separation and purification processes. Credit: Prashant Kumar and Michael Tsapatsis, University of Minnesota more

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Rupture of membranes

Rupture of membranes Rupture of membranes (ROM) is a term used during pregnancy to describe a rupture of the amniotic sac at the onset of, or during, labor . This is colloquially known as "breaking water". A premature rupture of membranes (PROM ... more


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