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Liquid Handling Systems

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Greiner Bio-One GmbH, Germany

Greiner Bio-One specialises in the development, production and distribution of high-quality plastic laboratory products. The company is a technology partner for laboratories, universities, research institutes, and the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With the BioScience divi more

Analytik Jena GmbH, Germany

Analytik Jena is a leading provider of high-end analytical measuring technology, of instruments and products in the fields of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics, as well as of high quality liquid handling and automation technologies. Its portfolio includes traditional analytical technology, par more

HiTec Zang GmbH, Germany

HiTec Zang is a supplier of components like torque measurement stirrers, dosing systems for gases, fluids or solids and turnkey fully automated small process plants for laboratory, pilot-plant and mini-plant in chemestry, pharma, biotech and food. more

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Fully automatic extraction of nucleic acids - reliable, fast and clean.

Highest purity, yield and reproducibility ✓ Wide range of pre-filled reagent kits ✓ Easy handling and high cost effectiveness ✓ more

„Scorpion“ and „Phoenix“ - Two systems for numerous liquid handling applications

The Phoenix does not use disposables, thus cutting operating costs ✓ The Scorpion can be filled with gas creating an inert atmosphere ✓ The Scorpion speeds up workflow ten times in comparison to manual operations more

Automation of Cellular Assays

Offers maximum performance for the automation of your cellular assays more

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Automation of Cellular Assays

Flexible pipettor with 1 to 384 channels with automatic loading of pipetting tools Unique and compact deck design, 12 positions on 2 levels Patent pending CHOICETM technology for pipetting from 500 nl to1 ml Highest precision and accuracy for various applicatios  in all formats Closed stand-alone s more

An easy solution for automated protein purification in laboratory scale

Highly pure protein samples are essential for reliable and reproducible results in the development of biopharmaceuticals, enzyme engineering and biomarker discovery. The MEA 2 system is an easy to use and trustworthy solution for laboratory scale protein purification. Regardless if you are working w more

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