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Liquid Crystals

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  • 4D imaging with liquid crystal microlenses

    Most images captured by a camera lens are flat and two dimensional. Increasingly, 3D imaging technologies are providing the crucial context of depth for scientific and medical applications. 4D imaging, which adds information on light polarization, could open up even more possibilities, but usually t more

  • Mussel research strenghtens graphene

    Researchers demonstrated the mussel-inspired reinforcement of graphene fibers for the improvement of different material properties. A research group under Professor Sang Ouk Kim applied polydopamine as an effective infiltrate binder to achieve high mechanical and electrical properties for graphene-b more

  • Merck Ignites Firework of Research Initiatives During its 350th Anniversary Year

    Merck announced several research grants and challenges during the company’s 350th anniversary year in addition to already existing initiatives. The new research grants and challenges are mainly directed to scientists working in institutes, universities or start-up companies around the world. “The be more

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Movie Cargo transport

Bacteria on the left in illuminated circle moves through channel towards particle. When it reaches the particle, it increases speed and moves the particle away.Aronson Lab / Penn State more

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  • How to achieve a successful biaxial marriage

    Matter is generally divided into three states, namely solid, liquid, and gas. Liquid crystals form a fourth state of matter; they combine properties of liquids, such as fluidity and the ability to flow, with properties of crystalline solids, such as structural order and specific optical and electric more

  • Hybrid molecular-colloidal liquid crystals

    Order and fluidity often coexist, with examples ranging from biological membranes to liquid crystals, but the symmetry of these soft-matter systems is typically higher than that of the constituent building blocks. We dispersed micrometer-long inorganic colloidal rods in a nematic liquid crystalline more

  • Finding order in twos

    Liquid Crystals In nematic liquid crystals, the local orientation of the molecules hovers around an average direction. The orientational control bestows unusual optical properties. In theory, with the right sort of two-dimensional shape, it should be possible to create nematics with biaxial ordering more

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