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  • New sepsis therapy approaches with evolution of signaling molecules

    Small infections can be fatal: Millions of people die each year from sepsis, an overreaction of the immune system. A new immune signaling molecule, designed by a research team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), now provides the basis for potential new approaches in sepsis therapy. The nu more

  • Inflammation in regeneration: A friend or foe?

    Regeneration is an inherent property of life. However, the potential to regenerate differs across species: while fish and amphibians can re-grow appendages such as limbs, tails, and fins, mammals, including humans, cannot restore injured organs to their original shape and function. Therefore, elucid more

  • Anti-inflammatory principle also works against lung cancer and emphysema

    Neither lung cancer nor emphysema, a chronic lung disease, were previously considered to be inflammatory diseases. Surprisingly, however, inflammatory processes play a role in both diseases, similar to, for example, those involved in the development of chronic inflammatory bowel disease or rheumati more

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