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CorTec GmbH, Germany

CorTec is a young medical technology company focused on innovation in neurotherapy . Our goal is to offer personalized therapies that are based on the needs of the patient. The special strength of our development lies in its holistic approach. From the basic idea to later therapeutic use, our techno more

Amedrix GmbH, Germany

Amedrix GmbH, a German based company in Esslingen, Germany, develops, produces and markets three-dimensional collagen based implants designed to repair defects in articular cartilage and for other promising application areas. The implants are composed primarily of highly pure nativ collagen produced more

BellaSeno GmbH, Germany

BellaSeno is a preclinical stage medical device company developing innovative porous bioresorbable breast implants! Bellaseno's breakthrough Senella® technology platform comprises bioresorbable polymer technology that, after implantation, aims to enable regeneration of natural breast tissue. more

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  • Novel sensor implant radically improves significance of NMR brain scans

    A team of neuroscientists and electrical engineers from Germany and Switzerland developed a highly sensitive implant that enables to probe brain physiology with unparalleled spatial and temporal resolution. Now published in Nature Methods, they introduce an ultra-fine needle with an integrated chip more

  • Monitoring the corrosion of bioresorbable magnesium

    ETH researchers have recently been able to monitor the corrosion of bioresorbable magnesium alloys at the nanoscale over a time scale of a few seconds to many hours. This is an important step towards accurately predicting how fast implants are resorbed by the body to enable the development of tailor more

  • Evonik invests in Chinese 3D-printing start-up making medical implants

    Evonik Venture Capital has invested in a 3D-printing start-up in China that makes implants for neuro and spine surgery. The technology enables faster recovery and fewer post-operation checks for patients and less surgical risk for doctors. Evonik is the lead investor in a high single-digit million-e more

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Graphene spikes that kill bacteria

A tiny layer of graphene spikes becomes a deadly weapon and kills bacteria, stopping infections during procedures such as implant surgery. This is shown in new research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, recently published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials Interfaces. more

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Brain implant

Brain implant Brain implants, often referred to as neural implants, are technological devices that connect directly to a biological subject's brain - usually placed on the surface of the brain , or attached to the brain 's cortex . A common purp ... more


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