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Sigmoid sinus

Vein: Sigmoid sinus
Dural veins. ("Pars sigmoid" labeled at lower right.)
Latin sulcus sigmoideus
Gray's subject #171 657
Source transverse sinus
Drains to internal jugular vein
MeSH Cranial+Sinuses
Dorlands/Elsevier s_12/12739223

The sigmoid sinuses (left & right), within a human head, are 2 areas beneath the brain, which allow blood veins to span the area, from the center of the head downward. They drain from the transverse sinuses (under the back of the brain) to the internal jugular vein. See diagram (at right): labeled under the brain as "PARS SIGMOID." (for Latin: sigmoideus).

Each sigmoid sinus begins beneath the temporal bone and follows a tortuous course to the jugular foramen, at which point the sinus becomes continuous with the internal jugular vein.

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