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National Autism Association

The National Autism Association (NAA) is a non-profit advocacy organization founded to educate and empower families affected by autism and other neurological disorders.


Since 2005, NAA has been funding the Burbacher/Charleston study into the neurotoxic effects of mercury exposure in the brain. The study’s primary investigator, Dr. Thomas Burbacher of the University of Washington, conducted earlier research that found exposure to thimerosal, the ethylmercury based vaccine preservative, resulted in twice the amount of inorganic mercury deposits in the brain compared to equivalent amounts of methyl mercury exposure.


Between November 8th and 11th, 2007, NAA is sponsoring the National Autism Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. A "Basics of Biomedical Intervention" course will be offered on Thursday evening, November 8, followed by workshops, presentations and breakout sessions through November 11th. Saturday, November 10th will feature a dinner/dance event with special guest Deirdre Imus.


Rita Cave Shreffler, NAA's executive director, has a background in advertising and public relations, managing retail and national advertising accounts for the Kansas City Star and the Daily Oklahoman, and has spent the last six years working to build public awareness of the relationship between increased toxic exposures to children and the development of neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD, lobbying at state and national levels for the removal of mercury from vaccines.

Wendy Fournier is the current NAA president, and Ann Brasher is the vice president.

The NAA board of directors includes several notable members, including Katie Wright (daughter of Autism Speaks founder Bob Wright), Deirdre Imus, a national leader in children’s health and environmental issues, and Lyn Redwood, a founder of SafeMinds.

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