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List of autism-related topics

This is a list of autism-related topics.

See also: Wikipedia:Notice board for autism-related topics


Conditions and research areas


Main article: Controversies in autism


  • Autistic savant
  • List of people on the autistic spectrum
  • List of fictional characters on the autistic spectrum
  • People speculated to have been autistic


Main article: Sociological and cultural aspects of autism
  • Asperger syndrome and interpersonal relationships
  • Autism rights movement
  • Autistic art
  • Neurodiversity
  • Neurotypical
  • Sociological and cultural aspects of autism


Organizations, stakeholder groups and events

Therapies and interventions

Main article: Autism therapies

Possibly-associated conditions

Main article: Conditions comorbid to autism spectrum disorders

These are conditions that people on the autism spectrum may suffer from more often than is typical.

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