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ICD-10 Q01.
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Meningohydroencephalocoele (AmE: meningohydroencephalocele) is a form of meningocele (AmE) - a developmental abnormality of the central nervous system.

Like meningocoele, meningohydroencephalocoele is caused by defects in bone ossification; in particular, the intramembranous ossification related to the closure of infantile fontanelles. It refers to the protrusion of the meninges between the un-fused bones, to lie subcutaneously.

  • Meningocoele - refers to herniation of meninges.
  • Meningoencephalocoele refers to the condition if brain tissue is included with the meninges in the herniation.
  • Meningohydroencephalocoele refers to the condition including meninges, brain tissue and part of the ventricular system in the herniation.

These defects occur in approximately 1 in 2000 live births

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