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List of thalamic nuclei

Brain: List of thalamic nuclei
Thalamic nuclei:
MNG = Midline nuclear group
AN = Anterior nuclear group
MD = Medial dorsal nucleus
VNG = Ventral nuclear group
VA = Ventral anterior nucleus
VL = Ventral lateral nucleus
VPL = Ventral posterolateral nucleus
VPM = Ventral posteromedial nucleus
LNG = Lateral nuclear group
PUL = Pulvinar
MTh = Metathalamus
LG = Lateral geniculate nucleus
MG = Medial geniculate nucleus
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Nuclear groups of the thalamus include:

This traditional list does not fit in several places with human thalamic anatomy

  • anterior nuclear group
    • anteroventral nucleus
    • anterodorsal nucleus
    • anteromedial nucleus
    • Superficial ("lateral dorsal")
  • medial nuclear group (or dorsomedial nucleus]]
    • parvocellular part
    • magnocellular part
  • midline nuclear group or paramedian
    • paratenial nucleus
    • parventricular nucleus
    • reuniens nucleus
    • rhombodoidal nucleus
  • intralaminar nuclear group
    • paracentral nucleus
    • central lateral nucleus
    • central medial nucleus
  • centre median parafascicular group
  • lateral nuclear group in fact a false entity replaced by
  • Posterior region
    • pulvinar
    • lateral posterior nucleus belongs to pulvinar
    • (lateral dorsal nucleus)belongs to anterior group
  • ventral nuclear group
    • ventral anterior nucleus
    • ventral lateral nucleus
    • ventral posterior nucleus
      • ventral posterolateral
      • ventral posteromedial
  • metathalamus no more used for the geniculate group
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