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List of images in Gray's Anatomy: VII. The Veins


introduction (Gray's s164)

the pulmonary veins (Gray's s165)

the systemic veins

the veins of the heart (Gray's s166)

the veins of the head and neck

the veins of the exterior of the head and face (Gray's s167)

the veins of the neck (Gray's s168)

the diploic veins (Gray's s169)

the veins of the brain (Gray's s170)

the sinuses of the dura mater, ophthalmic veins and emissary veins (Gray's s171)

the veins of the upper extremity and thorax (Gray's s172)

upper extremity



Vertebral Column

the veins of the lower extremity, abdomen, and pelvis (Gray's s173)

Lower Extremity

The Superficial Veins of the Lower Extremity
The Deep Veins of the Lower Extremity

abdomen and pelvis

inferior vena cava

the portal system of veins (Gray's s174)

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