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List of images in Gray's Anatomy: II. Osteology


introduction (Gray's s17)

bone (Gray's s18)

the vertebral column (Gray's s19)

general characteristics of a vertebra (Gray's s20)

the cervical vertebrae (Gray's s21)

the thoracic vertebrae (Gray's s22)

the lumbar vertebrae (Gray's s23)

the sacral and coccygeal vertebrae (Gray's s24)

the vertebral column as a whole (Gray's s25)

the thorax (Gray's s26)

the sternum (Gray's s27)

the ribs (Gray's s28)

the costal cartilages (Gray's s29)

the skull (Gray's s30)

the cranial bones

the occipital bone (Gray's s31)

the parietal bone (Gray's s32)

the frontal bone (Gray's s33)

the temporal bone (Gray's s34)

the sphenoid bone (Gray's s35)

ethmoid bone (Gray's s36)

the facial bones

the nasal bones (Gray's s37)

the maxillæ (upper jaw) (Gray's s38)

the lacrimal bone (Gray's s39)

the zygomatic bone (Gray's s40)

the palatine bone (Gray's s41)

the inferior nasal concha (Gray's s42)

the vomer (Gray's s43)

the mandible (lower jaw) (Gray's s44)

the hyoid bone (Gray's s45)

the exterior of the skull (Gray's s46)

the interior of the skull (Gray's s47)

the extremities (Gray's s48)

the bones of the upper extremity

the clavicle (Gray's s49)

the scapula (Gray's s50)

the humerus (Gray's s51)

the ulna (Gray's s52)

the radius (Gray's s53)

the hand

the carpus (Gray's s54)

the metacarpus (Gray's s55)

the phalanges of the hand (Gray's s56)

the bones of the lower extremity

the hip bone (Gray's s57)

the pelvis (Gray's s58)

the femur (Gray's s59)

the patella (Gray's s60)

the tibia (Gray's s61)

the fibula (Gray's s62)

the foot

the tarsus (Gray's s63)

the metatarsus (Gray's s64)

the phalanges of the foot (Gray's s65)

comparison of the bones of the hand and foot (Gray's s66)

the sesamoid bones (Gray's s67)

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