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LeFort fracture

LeFort fractures (also spelled as Le Fort fractures) are types of facial fractures that are classic in trauma. Diagnosis is by physician and is usually done in an Emergency room. The patient is taken for radiography of the head and neck then after obvious fracture signs the patient is taken to CT scan where sharper images are produced. To qualify for LeFort Fractures the pterygoid plates must be involved. Also, look for mobile palate in almost all cases.

There are 3 types of LeFort fractures:

  • 1) LeFort I includes the maxilla
  • 2) LeFort II includes the pyramidal fracture on the nasofrontal suture
  • 3) LeFort III includes total craniofacial malfunction

The Le Fort fracture was named after French surgeon René Le Fort (1869-1951).

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