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Jogger's nipple

"Jogger's nipple" (more correctly known as a fissure of the nipple) is the name applied to a condition of soreness, dryness or irritation to, or bleeding of, one or both nipples during and/or following running or other physical exercise. This condition is also experienced by surfers who do not wear rash guards.


Jogger's nipple is caused by friction from the repeated rubbing of a t-shirt or other upper body clothing against the nipples during a prolonged period of exercise.

The condition is suffered from mainly by runners. Long-distance runners are especially prone, because they are exposed to the friction on the nipple for the greatest period of time. However, it is not only suffered by sports people; the inside of a badge, or a logo on normal items of clothing can also cause the friction which results in this condition.


The condition is easily preventable, examples of how are:

  • Not wearing a shirt.
  • Sticking a small bandage or surgical tape over each nipple before the commencement of exercise, to act as a barrier between skin and cloth.
  • Applying petroleum jelly or other suitable lubricants to the area prior to exercise to prevent chafing.
  • Using specialized products available to prevent the condition such as rash guards.

Other names

Jogger's nipple is also known as runner's nipple, raver's nipple and weightlifter's nipple, and gardener's nipple. There are similar colloquial terms for almost any activity that can result in the condition.

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