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Fundus (uterus)

Fundus (uterus)
Uterus and uterine tubes
1. Round ligament
2. Uterus
3. Uterine cavity
4. Intestinal surface of Uterus
5. Versical surface(toward bladder)
6. Fundus of uterus
7. Body of uterus
8. Palmate folds of cervical canal
9. Cervical canal
10. Posterior lip
11. Cervical os (external)
12. Isthmus of uterus
13. Supravaginal portion of cervix
14. Vaginal portion of cervix
15. Anterior lip
16. Cervix
Latin fundus uteri
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Lymph superficial inguinal lymph nodes
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The fundus of the uterus is the top portion, opposite from the cervix.

Fundal height, measured from the top of the pubic bone, is routinely measured in pregnancy to determine growth rates.

If the measurement is smaller or larger than what would be expected for gestational age, it can be a crude indicator of an abnormality (for example, a breech or sideways presentation, twins, or a placental issue), requiring further tests such as ultrasound to determine the exact nature of the problem, if any.

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