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Drought Tolerance

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  • Genes against drought

    Climate change is leading to a decrease in soil moisture and an increase in severe droughts in Europe that adversely affect its woodlands. For a long time now, forest conservationists have been thinking very carefully about which trees they should use for reforestation. Researchers from the Institut more

  • Disregarded plant molecule actually a treasure

    The best natural chemists out there are not scientists--they're plants. Plants have continued to evolve a rich palette of small natural chemicals and receptors since they began to inhabit land roughly 450 million years ago. Now, research by Salk Institute scientists reveals an unexpected role for a more

  • Scientists Reprogram Plants for Drought Tolerance

    Drought is a major environmental stress factor affecting plant growth and development.  When plants encounter drought, they naturally produce abscisic acid (ABA), a stress hormone that inhibits plant growth and reduces water consumption.  Specifically, the hormone turns on a receptor in plants when more

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Drought tolerance

Drought tolerance is a drought tolerant plant whose specific adaptations include succulence and a waxy surface on its leaves and stems. Drought tolerance refers to the degree to which a plant is adapted to arid or drought conditions. Desicca ... more


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