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CEM is the leading provider of microwave solutions for the laboratory, industrial and scientific marketplace. Since creating this market 20 years ago, we have sold almost 20,000 systems. Despite this obvious success, we believe microwave chemistry is still an emerging technology and presents tremendous opportunities - particularily in the area of Life Sciences.

In the next 3 years we will invest over $10 million in new product development. We expect to launch three major new products in the coming year alone.These activities reflect our confidence in the future.

CEM's current businesses include analytical labs, process control and life sciences. For the analytical labs, we are the only company providing a full range of microwave sample preparation products including open and closed vessel systems for both digestion and extraction. Our MARS 5 system which was introduced less than two years ago, has quickly become the new standard for closed vessel digestion.

We recently introduced our new microwave moisture/solids analyzer, the SMART System, for process control. This new system with its unique temperature control feature has already achieved overwhelming market success and again clearly sets a new standard for this type of product.

CEM's latest initiative is in Life Sciences, where we will be introducing our new Focused™ Microwave Technology and Discovery Series of products early next year. This technology will bring new capabilities to the fields of drug discovery/drug development. It will reduce chemical reaction times from hours to minutes, increase product yields, reduce side reactions and allow for cleaner chemistry.

Our goal is to be the leading supplier of microwave solutions for Life Sciences. We intend to develop a full range of microwave synthesis products in the next two years. In addition, we will also be exploring new frontiers for microwave applications in Genomics. Please let us know if you have interest in these areas and would like to be added to our Life Science mailing list

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