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BromMarin GmbH

BromMarin – „Squeeze the sponge‘s full potential“

BromMarin is a spin-off from Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany with the aim of developing novel methods in marine biotechnology. We extract marine sponges of the Verongida order in a way that not just the extraction of bromotyrosines, but simultaneously the isolation of sponge scaffolds becomes possible. The bromotyrosines are applied as anti-cancer agent or as antibiotics in pharmacy and cosmetics. The sponge scaffold are needed as filter material in material science, as a natural wound healer in biomedicine or as host for stem cells and chondrocytes in Tissue Engineering. A pilot sponge farming plant in the Mediterranean ensures the sustainable and abundant production of marine agents. Like in muscle or fish farming plants, marine sponges are grown, harvested and processed for the first time. At the moment we focus on culturing the “gold sponge” Aplysina aerophoba. Further sponge species are consecutively investigated. Within the laboratory, the sponge tissue is processed further. After the extraction and purification of the bromotyrosines, the highest possible purity (>99%) is confirmed externally by cooperation partners. Every sample is investigated before the delivery to guarantee the purity.

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