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Carbon Fixation

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  • Breakthrough in industrial CO2 usage

    Professor Arne Skerra of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has succeeded for the first time in using gaseous CO2 as a basic material for the production of a chemical mass product in a biotechnical reaction. The product is methionine, which is used as an essential amino acid, particularly in a more

  • The pyrenoid is a carbon-fixing liquid droplet

    Plants and algae use the enzyme Rubisco to fix carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere and converting it into biomass. However, Rubisco performs this reaction slowly and can also have unwanted reactions with oxygen. Algae have figured out a clever way to increase the efficiency of carbon fix more

  • Increased levels of carbon dioxide could threaten zinc and iron levels in plants

    Crops that provide a large share of the global population with most of their dietary zinc and iron will have significantly reduced concentrations of those nutrients at the elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 anticipated by around 2050, according to research published in Nature. Given that an estimate more

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Carbon fixation

Carbon fixation Carbon fixation is a process found in autotroph s (organisms that produce their own food), usually driven by photosynthesis , whereby carbon dioxide is changed into organic materials. Carbon fixation can also be carried out by th ... more


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