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  • Breast cancer spreads at night

    A new study shows that breast cancer metastases form more efficiently while patients are sleeping. This finding, in a study led by researchers at ETH Zurich, could significantly change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in future. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, accordi more

  • 2D/3D mammography with artificial intelligence

    Therapixel, designer and supplier of MammoScreen® an Artificial Intelligence software reading aid for mammography, announces today fundraising of 15 M€ in series B. This operation was led by Crédit Mutuel Innovation and CapHorn, joined by Verve Ventures, Sham Innovation Santé and historical investor more

  • Dairy products linked to increased risk of cancer

    The first major study to investigate dairy consumption and cancer risk in Chinese adults found that greater intake was associated with higher risks of liver cancer and female breast cancer. Overall evidence to date on whether eating dairy products affects the risk of cancer has been inconsistent. St more

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Abortion-breast cancer hypothesis

Abortion-breast cancer hypothesis The abortion-breast cancer (ABC) hypothesis (also referred to by supporters as the abortion-breast cancer link) is a rejected hypothesis that posits a causal relationship between induced abortion and an incre ... more


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