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It may seem like magic what bioreactors can do these days, but when you look closer it is cutting-edge technology. Computer control and sophisticated online and offline analytics are used to ensure reliable, reproducible production while more and more disposable components – or even single-use bioreactors – provide convenience and enable easier compliance with regulations. Flexibility is also an important feature, in particular for reactors designed for research or process development.

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Cytiva Europe GmbH, Germany

Advancing the development and manufacture of therapeutics Improving access to life-changing therapies that transform human health Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. We have a rich heritage tracing ba more

Pall GmbH, Germany

The life sciences industry is both driven and united by its need for speed to market, product reliability and economics. Pall’s leading edge filtration, separation and purification technologies and services play an essential and pivotal role in this industry’s ability to achieve these goals. In the more

HiTec Zang GmbH, Germany

HiTec Zang is a supplier of components like torque measurement stirrers, dosing systems for gases, fluids or solids and turnkey fully automated small process plants for laboratory, pilot-plant and mini-plant in chemestry, pharma, biotech and food. more

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Flexcell Cell Stretching Bioreactors for Life Science Research

Applies a defined, controlled, static or variable duration cyclic tension to 2D/3D cell cultures ✓ Multiple frequencies and waveforms can be programmed via FlexSoft software in one regimen more

Microbioreactors - high-throughput microfermentations for screening & scale-up bioprocess development

The BioLector microbioreactors are established systems for bacterial, yeast, fungi, plant and insect cells. more

Multi-channel Bioreactor with non-invasive real time cell concentration, pH and O2 measurment

Individually controlled bioreactors accelerates optimization process ✓ Reverse–Spin® mixing principle enables non-invasive biomass measurement in real time ✓ Free of charge software for storage, demonstration and analysis of data in real time more

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  • Effective metal extraction with electron-stimulated microorganisms by bioleaching

    As part of the project "BioIntElekt" (Development of an innovative small-scale, low-energy electron beam source integrated in a bioreactor system, funding reference: 601015) funded by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in an internal program, metals should be mobilized with the help of bacteria. At the Fra more

  • New solution for stem cell manufacturing

    Researchers have developed a unique 3D printed system for harvesting stem cells from bioreactors, offering the potential for high quality, wide-scale production of stem cells in Australia at a lower cost. Stem cells offer great promise in the treatment of many diseases and injuries, from arthritis a more

  • New biobattery for hydrogen storage

    The fight against climate change is making the search for carbon-neutral energy sources increasingly urgent. Green hydrogen, which is produced from water with the help of renewable energies such as wind or solar power, is one of the solutions on which hopes are pinned. However, transporting and stor more

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Microbioreactors - high-throughput microfermentations for screening & scale-up bioprocess development

The BioLector microbioreactor is a high-throughput fermentation system. In up to 48 parallel cultures theessential fermentation parameters such as biomass concentration, pH and DO as well as fluorescentproteins or substrates can be all monitored online. The advanced BioLector Pro technology is using more

Flexcell Cell Stretching Bioreactors for Life Science Research

Particularly designed for the in vitro analysis of biomechanical applications, Flexcell´s innovative systems enable the user to induce and observe the results of cyclic or static stress on 2D/3D cell cultures and tissues. For tension applications, Flexcell offers the main FX-6000 Tension System whic more

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