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in.vent Diagnostica GmbH, Germany

in.vent DIAGNOSTICA GMBH is a biomedical company based in Hennigsdorf nearby Berlin. in.vent is focused on the customized provision and production of biomolecules as well as the development of human diagnostics in the field of autoimmunity. Therefore the appropriation of sera, plasma and tissue is c more

in.vent Clinical Services, Germany

in.vent Clinical Services (ICS) is a holistic service provider for diagnostic studies and IVD validation. ICS was founded with regard to the EU in-vitro diagnostics regulation (IVDR). This law strongly increases the complexity of the IVD validation process and demands a re-validation of already CE more

Central BioHub GmbH, Germany

Biotechnology company in Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg Our company was founded by a group of scientists, which were confronted themselves with the diverse problems and time-consuming processes of human research samples procurement in our daily practice. This experiences have induced us to develop an onl more

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  • Are bioplastics and plant-based materials safer than conventional plastics?

    So-called “bioplastics” are marketed as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, petroleum-based plastics. They can be made from renewable feedstock, might be bio-degradable or even both. The question is however if these biomaterials are safer than conventional plastics with regard t more

  • New biomaterials from spider silk

    New biomaterials developed at the University of Bayreuth eliminate risk of infection and facilitate healing processes. A research team led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel has succeeded in combining these material properties which are highly relevant to biomedicine. These nanostructured materials are ba more

  • What Do Spiders Have in Common with Batteries?

    Synthetic polymers have changed the world around us, and it would be hard to imagine a world without them. However, they do have their problems. It is for instance hard from a synthetic point of view to precisely control their molecular structure. This makes it harder to finely tune some of their pr more

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Biomaterials - patent solutions from nature

Animals and plants can produce amazing materials such as spider webs, wood or bone using only a few raw materials available. How do they achieve this? And what can engineers learn from them? more

Smart Self-clearing Implantable Catheter Using Micro-devices

A new technique being developed by Purdue University researchers could provide patients who require implantable catheters in the treatment of neurological and other disorders with a smart, reliable, and self-clearing catheter that could eliminate the need for additional surgery to replace failin ... more

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Biomaterial Introduction The development of biomaterials is not a new area of science , existing for around half a century, it’s study is named Biomaterial Science. It is an exciting field of science, experiencing steady and strong growth over i ... more


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