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UK HIV Vaccine Consortium

United Kingdom

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The UK HIV Vaccine Consortium is an integrated and project-managed collaboration between Imperial College London, St George's University London, University of Oxford, Royal Holloway - London University, IAVI and the Medical Research Council (Clinical Trials Unit) supported by a strategic award from the Wellcome Trust. The aim of the consortium is to study diverse potential HIV vaccine constructs and immunization strategies. Its overarching strategy is the comparative clinical study of GMP products bearing common HIV inserts, using short schedule, small scale clinical trials in healthy volunteers. The UK HVC acts as a "hub" providing GMP vaccines under the terms and conditions of the UK HVC Access Strategy to academic groups called "spokes". Approved spokes apply for funding for clinical trials with the support of the UK HVC without having to bear the cost of vaccines production. The UK HVC is strategically important, as it will gain the maximum added value from independent research projects currently funded from diverse sources. It will allow data on the direct comparison of diverse immunogens and strategies to be reported in a timely manner to inform the choice of constructs for wider testing and is highly relevant internationally as a contributor to the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (GHAVE).

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