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Contamination-Free and Precise Pipetting of Blood and Plasma

Reliable exclusion of sample carry-over and cross-contamination during pipetting of blood and plasma with positive displacement pipettes


Blood and plasma contain proteins that can lead to foaming during pipetting. This makes it difficult to pipette accurately and without contamination


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Miniaturised Platelet Aggregation Assays using the NOVOstar Microplate Reader


Platelet aggregation is a “gold standard” assay of platelet function in the research and clinical laboratory settings which is conventionally measured with aggregometers requiring large volumes of platelet suspensions and only in low throughput forma


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The New MagNA Pure 96 DNA and Viral NA Kits: Maximal Speed Combined with High Recovery


The MagNA Pure 96 System is a brand-new system recently introduced to the market: it is a fully automated, ultra-fast system for high-throughput isolation of high- quality nucleic acids from various sample types that can handle sample volumes of up t


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The New MagNA Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

High Performance: Maximum Recovery of Viral Nucleic Acids


Many kits and protocols for nucleic acid isolation - manual and automated - are available today. However, very few of them guarantee a fully automated sample preparation, combined with maximum recovery and sensitivity. Therefore we have developed the


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