COVID-19 – Infectious Disease Research

Comprehensive Solutions and Workflows to Drive Your Infectious Disease Research Forward

When you need to see a true picture of pathogenic response at a cellular level, look to our extensive portfolio of research products and technologies. Quickly and reliably obtain grea-ter insight into the mechanisms of COVID-19 and other infectious agents.

Easily Automate Your Microplate Assay Workflows

Experience the benefits that the BenchCel Microplate Handler can bring your rese-arch through integration with plate washers, dispensers, plate readers and imagers.

A New Way to Monitor Virus-Mediated Cytopathogenicity

Evaluate virus concentration and cytotoxicity kinetics using a simple workflow with fast readout and high reproducibility.

Powerful Functional Measurements for Norovirus Research

Obtain critical functional measurements for live cells in real time to monitor host-pathogen response and unveil mechanisms of viral invasion.

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