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West Nile Virus

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  • A pesticide-free way to combat mosquitos and West Nile virus

    Researchers at the University of Waterloo may have discovered a new, pesticide-free way to limit mosquito populations in some area and reduce the spread of the West Nile virus. Waterloo researcher Brad Fedy discovered that introducing hungry minnows into bodies of water where mosquitoes breed result more

  • Paving the way for the development of vaccines for emerging viruses

    The search for vaccines, treatments and preventive methods against infection by emerging viruses is one of the major challenges of global epidemiology. New pathological agents continue to emerge, such as the arbovirus transmitted by insects (in this case mosquitoes) that causes West Nile fever, name more

  • Biting, non-biting, a matter of genes in mosquitoes

    Mosquito bites can be an itchy nuisance but they can also be deadly. Diseases such as malaria, Dengue fever and West Nile virus can spread with a single bite. Understanding the genetic variation -- identifying those genes that differentiate biters from non-biters -- is the first step toward discover more

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West Nile virus

West Nile virus West Nile virus (WNV) is a virus of the family Flaviviridae ; part of the Japanese encephalitis (JE) antigenic complex of viruses, it is found in both tropical and temperate regions. It mainly infects bird s, but is known to ... more


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