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Viral Infection

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  • New hope for broad spectrum viral entry inhibitors

    A large number of viruses are known to make life difficult for both humans and animals. While broad-spectrum antibiotics can offer protection against a wide variety of bacteria, there are currently no analogous clinically available broad-spectrum antiviral agents. An international research team has more

  • Thwarting cellular enzyme can fight viral infections

    FMI researchers have identified a synthetic protein that dampens the activity of a cellular pathway involved in viral infection. The findings could help to develop drugs that combat viruses such as influenza A and Zika. Influenza A virus affects millions of people worldwide and can have serious comp more

  • New therapeutic approach against rhinovirus infections

    Less than three years after its foundation, the start-up G.ST Antivirals reaches a major milestone in the development of its lead asset and begins clinical phase I at the Vienna General Hospital. G.ST Antivirals is testing a nasal spray, which was developed specifically for use against colds and oth more

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