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  • Viral protein transforms as it measures out DNA

    To generate swarms of new viral particles, a virus hijacks a cell into producing masses of self-assembling cages that are then loaded with the genetic blueprint for the next infection. But the picture of how that DNA is loaded into those viral cages, or capsids, was blurry, especially for two of the more

  • Chicken pox vaccine saving children's lives

    The widespread introduction of a chicken pox vaccine in Australia in 2006 has prevented thousands of children from being hospitalized with severe chicken pox and saved lives, according to new research. In a national study of chicken pox admissions at four participating Australian children's hospital more

  • Study suggests link between untreated depression and response to shingles vaccine

    Results from a new study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases suggest a link between untreated depression in older adults and decreased effectiveness of the herpes zoster, or shingles, vaccine. Older adults are known to be at risk for shingles, a painful condition caused by the reactivation of more

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Varicella vaccine

Varicella vaccine The varicella vaccine protects against the disease commonly known as chickenpox . Dangers of chickenpox Chickenpox is most often a mild disease, especially for children. Prior to the introduction of vaccine, there were around ... more


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