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UV/VIS Spectroscopy

Our Key Topic on UV/Vis spectroscopy contains information on the latest market trends. Get the wider picture on new products, the latest publications from research and industry, and the most important suppliers on the market.

Products UV/Vis Spectroscopy

The Life Science Micro-Volume Master

The UV5Nano is the micro-volume spectrophotometry specialist for life science applications more

Microspectrometer as Small as Your Fingertip

Hamamatsu offers a whole product range from brand new micro-spectrometers the size of a finger tip to dedicated measurements systems more

Flexible all-rounder: The multi-mode microplate reader with best-in-class sensitivity

Automated multimode microplate reader ✓ 7 detection methods ✓ automatic gas control unit ✓ Highly sensitive and flexible thanks to LVF monochromator ✓ more

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Videos UV/Vis Spectroscopy

Flexible all-rounder: The multi-mode microplate reader with best-in-class sensitivity

The modularly expandable CLARIOstar Plus covers all the main detection technologies and is suitable even for highly demanding laboratory routines. The monochromator lets you adjust the wavelengths and bandwidths for fluorescence and luminescence measurements quickly and easily. Additional filters an more

White papers UV/Vis Spectroscopy

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Publications UV/Vis Spectroscopy

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