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  • Holograms for molecules

    Much can be detected in blood or urine: viral illnesses, metabolic disorders or autoimmune diseases can be diagnosed with laboratory tests, for instance. But such examinations often take a few hours and are quite complex, which is why doctors hand the samples over to specialist laboratories. Scienti more

  • Innovative image sensing technology for early diagnosis of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease

    Professor Kazuaki Sawada and Dr. Takigawa of the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology and colleagues at Toyohashi University of Technology have established an easy to use, low-cost, rapid, and high sensitivity semiconductor-imaging based medical diagnostic biosensing system for analyzing b more

  • Electronic Nose Sniffs Out Prostate Cancer

    We may soon be able to make easy and early diagnoses of prostate cancer by smell. Investigators in Finland have established that a novel noninvasive technique can detect prostate cancer using an electronic nose. In a proof of principle study, the eNose successfully discriminated between prostate can more

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  • ARKRAY, Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ARKRAY, Inc. (ARKRAY) is engaged in the development and manufacture of medical diagnostic products for diabetes diagnosis, urinalysis and real time diagnosis. The company's principal products includes a broad line of blood glucose monitoring systems, safety lancets and lancing devices, as well as ur more

  • Aniara Corporation - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Aniara Corporation (Aniara) is an invitro diagnostics company engaged in the manufacture marketing and distribution of screening tools, and diagnostic and research reagents for the healthcare market. The flagship product of the company is Check4-Myoglobin Immuno-Chromatographic Rapid Test (Myoglobin more


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