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Ultra Low Temperature

Companies Ultra Low Temperature

Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG, Germany

High precision thermoregulation -120...425°C. Thermodynamics and Microelectronics for highly efficient temperature control and environmentally safe refrigeration. more

White papers Ultra Low Temperature

  • Biobanking: Storing Samples for 30 Years in -86ºC ULT Freezers

    In Biobanking, sample security is of paramount importance. Thousands of potentially irreplaceable samples may be kept over several years for use in research, and knowing that storage systems are reliable and accurate enough to keep them safe is vital more

  • Cryopreservation without crosscontamination risk

    Biological materials such as cells or tissue samples will naturally change and deteriorate over time. In order to properly preserve them for later study, some means of halting these processes must be used that will not change the biological materials more

  • Cost efficiency in laboratories

    Cost and energy efficiency are rapidly becoming leading considerations when purchasing any piece of laboratory equipment. With key equipment and instrumentation operating continuously or for extended periods, it is perhaps not surprising that laborat more


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