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  • Liquid cats, disgust for cheese and reversed genitalia

    This year's ceremony of the Ig Nobel Prize awards again shows how precious some areas of research can be. We had insights into research, which is not common, applicable or believable. Despite earlier awards all winners received the prize personally or send video messages to claim their interest. Her more

  • Fatty liver disease and scarring have strong genetic component

    Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine say that hepatic fibrosis, which involves scarring of the liver that can result in dysfunction and, in severe cases, cirrhosis and cancer, may be as much a consequence of genetics as environmental factors. "The most common kno more

  • Twin sisters provides clues for battling aggressive cancers

    Analyzing the genomes of twin 3-year-old sisters – one healthy and one with aggressive leukemia – led an international team of researchers to identify a novel molecular target that could become a way to treat recurring and deadly malignancies. Scientists in China and the United States report their f more

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Half twins

Half twins Half twins are a very rare development in the area of multiple births. Cause The cause for the rarity of this condition is that similar to normal twins, the two individuals share the uterus and therefore obviously have the same mothe ... more


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