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Traumatic Brain Injuries

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  • Advancing stem cell therapy with biodegradable scaffold

    Rutgers scientists have created a tiny, biodegradable scaffold to transplant stem cells and deliver drugs, which may help treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, aging brain degeneration, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Stem cell transplantation, which shows promise as a treat more

  • Identifying trauma risk in small children early

    Small children also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders after a serious accident. With the aid of a new test, children with an increased risk can already be identified in the space of a few days. The test devised by scientists from the University of Zurich and the University Children’s Hospi more

  • Single concussion may cause lasting brain damage

    A single concussion may cause lasting structural damage to the brain, according to a new study. "This is the first study that shows brain areas undergo measureable volume loss after concussion," said Yvonne W. Lui, M.D., Neuroradiology section chief and assistant professor of radiology at NYU Langon more

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