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  • Deadly immune ‘storm’ caused by emergent flu infections

    Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have mapped key elements of a severe immune overreaction—a “cytokine storm”—that can both sicken and kill patients who are infected with certain strains of flu virus. Their findings, published in the online edition of the Proceedings of the Nationa more

  • H7N9 influenza: History of similar viruses gives cause for concern

    The H7N9 avian flu strain that emerged in China earlier this year has subsided for now, but it would be a mistake to be reassured by this apparent lull in infections. The virus has several highly unusual traits that paint a disquieting picture of a pathogen that may yet lead to a pandemic, according more

  • Swine flu present in many ‘healthy’ farm-show pigs

    Despite their healthy appearance, several pigs on show at a 2009 U.S. state fair competition were infected with swine flu, according to a new study by University of Florida infectious disease experts. Up to 20 percent of show pigs at the 2009 Minnesota state fair were infected, and an infected anima more

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