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  • New killing mechanism discovered in 'game-changing' antibiotic

    Scientists at the University of Liverpool and University of Utrecht have taken another step forward on their quest to develop a viable drug based on teixobactin - a new class of potent natural antibiotic capable of killing superbugs. Research published in Nature Communications provides fundamental n more

  • New device quickly detects harmful bacteria in blood

    Engineers have created a tiny device that can rapidly detect harmful bacteria in blood, allowing health care professionals to pinpoint the cause of potentially deadly infections and fight them with drugs. "The rapid identification of drug-resistant bacteria allows health care providers to prescribe more

  • Bacteria shredding tech to fight drug-resistant superbugs

    Researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-destroying technology that could be the answer to the deadly problem of antibiotic resistance. The technology uses nano-sized particles of magnetic liquid metal to shred bacteria and bacterial biofilm – the protective “house” that bacteria more

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  • Macromol. Biosci. 9/2017

    Back Cover: Acne caused by Propionibacterium acnes is treated with antibiotics but effectiveness is often compromised by resistance and development of “superbugs”. An alternative antimicrobial polycation without resistance buildup is described. The results point to a promising pathway for polycat more

  • [Review] Mechanisms of bacterial persistence during stress and antibiotic exposure

    ### BACKGROUND The escalating crisis of multidrug resistance is raising fears of untreatable infections caused by bacterial “superbugs.” However, many patients already suffer from infections that are effectively untreatable due to innate bacterial mechanisms for persistence. This phenomenon is caus more

  • A Hydrogel‐Based Localized Release of Colistin for Antimicrobial Treatment of Burn Wound Infection

    There is an urgent unmet medical need for new treatments for wound and burn infections caused by multidrug‐resistant Gram‐negative “superbugs,” especially the problematic Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In this work, the incorporation of colistin, a potent lipopeptide into a self‐healable hydrogel (via dy more

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