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  • Key enzyme for production of second-generation ethanol discovered in Brazilian Amazon

    Second-generation ethanol (also called cellulosic ethanol) open perspectives for optimizing alcohol production. Since 2G ethanol is obtained from from sugarcane straw and bagasse, it basically makes it possible converting waste into energy. Holder of the world's best biomass and boasting the install more

  • Flying with fuel from sugarcane

    A Boeing 747 burns one gallon of jet fuel each second. A recent analysis from researchers at the University of Illinois estimate that this aircraft could fly for 10 hours on bio-jet fuel produced on 54 acres of specially engineered sugarcane. Plants Engineered to Replace Oil in Sugarcane and Sweet S more

  • Solving a sweet problem for renewable biofuels and chemicals

    Whether or not society shakes its addiction to oil and gasoline will depend on a number of profound environmental, geopolitical and societal factors. But with current oil prices hovering around $50 dollars a barrel, it won't likely be anytime soon. Despite several major national research initiatives more

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List of sugarcane diseases

List of sugarcane diseases This article is a list of diseases of sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids). Bacterial diseases Fungal diseases Miscellaneous diseases and disorders Nematodes, parasitic Viral diseases (Also mycoplasmalike o ... more


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