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  • Genes linked to the effects of mood and stress on longevity identified

    The visible impacts of depression and stress that can be seen in a person's face -- and contribute to shorter lives -- can also be found in alterations in genetic activity, according to newly published research. In a series of studies involving both C. elegans worms and human cohorts, researchers fr more

  • Identifying trauma risk in small children early

    Small children also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders after a serious accident. With the aid of a new test, children with an increased risk can already be identified in the space of a few days. The test devised by scientists from the University of Zurich and the University Children’s Hospi more

  • VAI researchers find long awaited key to creating drought resistant crops

    Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) researchers have determined precisely how the plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA) works at the molecular level to help plants respond to environmental stresses such as drought and cold. Their findings, published in the journal Nature , could help engineer crops that more

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