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  • Study ends debate over role of steroids in treating septic shock

    The results from the largest ever study of septic shock could improve treatment for critically ill patients and save health systems worldwide hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Researchers at The George Institute for Global Health studied whether the use of steroids as an additional treatmen more

  • Streamlined process opens drug development to a new class of steroids

    Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed a technique to produce synthetic steroids that could pave the way for a cascade of new drug discoveries. The process facilitates access to rare, mirror-image isomers of naturally occurring steroid structures. The technique, based on a series of new che more

  • Reasons not to lick a toad

    As human diseases become alarmingly antibiotic resistant, identification of new pharmaceuticals is critical. The cane toad and other members of the Bufonidae family produce substances widely used in traditional folk medicine, but endangered family members, like Panama's golden frog, Atelopus zeteki, more

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  • GC-C-IRMS Determination of Hormones

    By amending methodology to utilize eVol® for sample preparation processes for GC-C-IRMS C isotope ratio analysis, the ISORA department has: improved sample preparation conditions and the GC-C-IRMS analysis results by removing the risk of ghost peaks, more

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The Chemistry Behind the Russian Doping Scandal – in C&EN

The run-up to the Rio Olympics has been overshadowed by a number of issues, not least of which is the doping scandal surrounding Russian competitors. This month’s Periodic Graphics in C&EN looks at the alleged chemical cocktail that was used to dope Russian athletes at the 2012 London Games and in t more

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Steroid . The total number of carbons (30) reflects its triterpenoid origin. In some steroids some carbons may be removed (such as carbon 18) or added (such as carbons 241 and 242) in downstream biosynthetic reactions. A steroid is a terpenoid ... more


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