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GKM Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH, Germany

GKM (Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH) is an independent, family-owned contract research organization (CRO). GKM provides a comprehensive portfolio of CRO services for the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of medical devices and academia. Founded in 1981, GKM is headquartered in Munich, more

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  • A way to pack grains and drugs most efficiently

    Scientists have discovered a way to solve a problem that has baffled humans for so long it is mentioned in the Bible: achieving the most efficient packing of objects such as grains and pharmaceutical drugs. Lead researcher Dr Mohammad Saadatfar from The Australian National University (ANU) said the more

  • Certainty in complex scientific research an unachievable goal

    A University of Toronto study on uncertainty in scientific research could shed light on anomalies that arose in early attempts to discover the Higgs boson and even how polls failed to predict the outcome of Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election. The study suggests that research in some more

  • Researchers use genome sequences to peer into early human history

    Cornell researchers have developed new statistical methods based on the complete genome sequences of people alive today to shed light on events at the dawn of human history.They applied their methods to the genomes of individuals of East Asian, European, and western and southern African descent. The more

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Cohort statistics

Cohort statistics :For other senses of this word, see cohort . In statistics and demography , a cohort is a group of subjects — most often humans from a given population — defined by experiencing an event (typically birth) in a p ... more


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