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  • Poxvirus hijacks cell movement to spread infection

    Vaccinia virus, a poxvirus closely related to smallpox and monkeypox, tricks cells it has infected into activating their own cell movement mechanism to rapidly spread the virus in cells and mice, according to a new UCL-led study. The findings explain how the virus mimics infected cells' own proteins more

  • Modeling study sheds light on disease eradication

    Diseases evolve in response to treatment, frustrating efforts to eradicate them. A new study shows how evolution, population dynamics, and economic factors interact, providing new insight that could help inform efforts to control diseases like malaria. Efforts to eradicate a disease are likely to f more

  • Biodefense: Anthrax and Smallpox at the Research Forefront

    As the potential threat of biological terrorist attacks continues to command the attention of governments around the globe, anthrax and smallpox remain amongst the most researched diseases in the biodefense industry, states a new report by GBI Research.The company’s latest study shows that anthrax v more

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Smallpox vaccine

Smallpox vaccine The smallpox vaccine was the first successful vaccine ever to be developed and remains the only FDA approved effective preventive for the deadly smallpox disease. It was first perfected in 1796 by Edward Jenner who acted upo ... more


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