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American Institute of Biological Sciences

1900 Campus Commons Drive
20191 Reston

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AIBS builds community in support of researchers, educators, and scientists who understand the importance of sharing biological discovery and knowledge.

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    Policymakers and scientists agree on top research questions

    Natural resource managers, policymakers and their advisers, and scientists have similar ideas about which research questions could, if answered, most increase the effectiveness of US natural resource management policies. A survey of over 600 members of those professional groups revealed how ... more

    Natural 'keystone molecules' punch over their weight in ecosystems

    Naturally occurring "keystone" molecules that have powerful behavioral effects on diverse organisms often play large but unrecognized roles in structuring ecosystems, according to a theory proposed in the June issue of BioScience. The authors of the theory, Ryan P. Ferrer of Seattle Pacific ... more

    Genetically altered trees, plants could help counter global warming

    Forests of genetically altered trees and other plants could sequester several billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year and so help ameliorate global warming, according to estimates published in BioScience . The study, by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and ... more

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