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Buck Institute

8001 Redwood Blvd
94945 Novato

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The mission of the Buck Institute is to increase our healthspan, the healthy years of life Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, stroke, and arthritis have one thing in common: age. By focusing on the connection between aging and disease, scientists at the Buck Institute for Age Research are striving to develop diagnostic tests and treatments that will prevent or delay these conditions. Our goal is to increase people's healthspan - the healthy years of life - so that growing older no longer means growing ill. The Buck Institute - the first independent research facility in the country focused solely on aging and age-related disease - is taking a prominent role in shaping the future of medicine. Its status as a freestanding nonprofit research center allows scientists to initiate new studies quickly and respond to new opportunities in biomedical research, such as stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Our interdisciplinary research approach, dynamic physical design, and support services provide an ideal environment for biomedical inquiry. The Buck Institute is also a place for education, helping to train the next generation of researchers in aging, from postdoctoral fellows to high school students. Institute symposia feature international experts and draw participants from all over the world. The Institute also educates the general public about new discoveries and ways to age healthfully.

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