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Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)

Rijvisschestraat 120
9052 Ghent

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VIB, the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology, is a non-profit scientific research institute. Using advanced gene technology, VIB studies the functioning of the human body, plants and microorganisms. VIB develops three complementary core activities: 1. Strategic basic research 2. An active technology transfer policy to transfer the inventions to consumers and patients 3. Scientific information for the general public

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    Catching a tumor in a spider's web

    After a decade of research, the Belgian Switch Laboratory (VIB/KU Leuven) has revealed a new designer molecule that inhibits a well-validated cancer driver through the mechanism of amyloid formation. This work demonstrates that amyloid structures can be used to rationally develop a novel cl ... more

    New DNA sequencing nanopore

    VIB is proud to announce that the lab of Han Remaut (VIB/Vrije Universiteit Brussels) has teamed up with Oxford Nanopore Technologies for the development of nanopore sensing technology. VIB pioneered work on a protein nanopore, CsgG, which was developed into a sensing nanopore by Oxford Nan ... more

    Scientists learn how to predict plant size

    VIB and UGent scientists have developed a new method which allows them to predict the final size of a plant while it is still a seedling. Thanks to this method, which is based on the knowledge that a set of genes is associated with the final size of a leaf, scientists will be able to signif ... more

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