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IntelliDigest Ltd., United Kingdom

We have developed the World first autonomous, resilient and ultra-small scale organic waste digester for onsite waste recycling to generate renewable energy and produce a highly valued bio-resource. more

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  • Recycle high-tech waste biologically

    Gallium is a rare metal, but it is widely used in the high-tech industry. This extreme contrast makes recycling indispensable. However, current recycling processes are costly and chemically polluted. Biotechnological approaches, therefore, rely on peptides, as they are able to bind metallic particle more

  • Circular economy for plastics

    Plastics are wonderful materials. They are extremely versatile and of almost eternal durability. But that also causes a problem. After around 100 years of plastic production, plastic particles are almost everywhere: in ground water, the oceans, the air and the food chain. Across the globe, considera more

  • Lighting the path to recycling carbon dioxide

    Semiconductive photocatalysts that efficiently absorb solar energy could help reduce the energy required to drive a bioelectrochemical process that converts CO2 emissions into valuable chemicals, KAUST researchers have shown. Recycling CO2 could simultaneously reduce carbon emissions into the atmosp more

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The Recycling Rates of Smartphone Metals

Regular readers will spot that today’s post is a bit of a twist on an old post from the site’s archives, which looked at the elements present in a smartphone and the roles that they play. In this updated version, I wanted to highlight which elements in your smartphone will actually get recycled at t more

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  • CHMP1B is a target of USP8/UBPY regulated by ubiquitin during endocytosis

    by Xènia Crespo-Yàñez, Carmen Aguilar-Gurrieri, Anne-Claire Jacomin, Agnès Journet, Magda Mortier, Emmanuel Taillebourg, Emmanuelle Soleilhac, Winfried Weissenhorn, Marie-Odile Fauvarque Integration and down-regulation of cell growth and differentiation signals rely on plasma membrane receptors e more

  • Roadblocks and resolutions in eukaryotic translation

    During protein synthesis, ribosomes encounter many roadblocks, the outcomes of which are largely determined by substrate availability, amino acid features and reaction kinetics. Prolonged ribosome stalling is likely to be resolved by ribosome rescue or quality control pathways, whereas shorter stall more

  • Targeting autophagy in obesity: from pathophysiology to management

    Obesity poses a severe threat to human health, including the increased prevalence of hypertension, insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, cancer, inflammation, sleep apnoea and other chronic diseases. Current therapies focus mainly on suppressing caloric intake, but the efficacy of this approach rem more

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Ribosome Recycling Factor

Ribosome Recycling Factor Ribosome Recycling Factor (RRF) is a protein found in bacterial cell s as well as eukaryotic organelles , specifically mitochondria and chloroplasts . It functions to recycle ribosomes after completion of protein s ... more


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