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Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

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  • Battling bacteria with viruses

    Resistance to antibiotics is on the rise worldwide. Fraunhofer scientists have joined forces with partners in the Phage4Cure project to explore alternatives to antibiotics. One objective is to vanquish multidrug-resistant pathogens with viruses called bacteriophages. Another is to see these phages a more

  • Body cells spy out bacteria

    Bacterial infection does not automatically lead to illness; many germs only become dangerous when they occur in large numbers. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin have discovered that the body has a receptor, which doesn’t recognize bacteria themselves, but spies more

  • Rapid emergence of antibiotic resistance during standard therapy

    Antibiotic-resistant pathogens pose one of the greatest threats to public health worldwide. In the near future, harmless bacterial infections may no longer be treatable and may again become the most common non-natural cause of death. At the same time, the available repertoire of antibacterial agents more

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a Gram-negative , aerobic , rod-shaped bacterium with unipolar motility . An opportunistic human pathogen , P. aeruginosa is also an opportunistic pathogen of plants. P. aeruginosa is the type s ... more


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