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50 µl of sample is all you need for a series of stopped-flow experiment

Run more experiments and save money with just a tenth of the sample consumption ✓ Independent stepper motors allow the mixing ratio to be adjusted easily through the software ✓ optimized for absorption, fluorescence, 90° light scattering and X-ray kinetics ✓ more

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  • Structure of wheat immune protein resolved

    Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research and the University of Cologne in Germany together with colleagues from China have unravelled how wheat protects itself from a deadly pathogen. Their findings, published in the journal Nature, could be harnessed to make important cr more

  • Bird’s enzyme points toward novel therapies

    Thank the rare crested ibis for a clue that could someday help our bodies make better drugs.  The species of bird is the only one known to naturally produce an enzyme able to generate a noncanonical amino acid; that is, one not among the 20 necessary to encode most proteins.  That it exists -- a dis more

  • Most complex protein knots

    The question of how the chemical composition of a protein, the amino acid sequence, determines its 3D structure has been one of the biggest challenges in biophysics for more than half a century. This knowledge about the so-called "folding" of proteins is in great demand, as it contributes significan more

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Protein structure

Protein structure Proteins are an important class of biological macromolecules present in all biological organisms, made up of such elements as carbon , hydrogen , nitrogen , oxygen , and sulfur . All proteins are polymers of amino acid s. Th ... more


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