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  • Periodic table of protein complexes

    The Periodic Table of Protein Complexes offers a new way of looking at the enormous variety of structures that proteins can build in nature, which ones might be discovered next, and predicting how entirely novel structures could be engineered. Created by an interdisciplinary team led by researchers more

  • Tree of life study unveils inner workings of a cell

    A multinational team of scientists have sifted through cells of vastly different organisms, from amoebae to worms to mice to humans, to reveal how proteins fit together to build different cells and bodies. This tour de force of protein science, a result of a collaboration between seven research grou more

  • Network Filtering in Biobanks: Protective Protein against Huntington’s Disease Identified

    While seeking targets to attack Huntington’s disease, an incurable inherited neurodegenerative disorder, neurobiologists of the research group of Professor Erich Wanker (Max Delbrück Center) found what they were looking for. Using a filtering strategy borrowed from criminologists, they systematicall more

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