New Generation SEC Columns for Small-Scale Preparative Purification and Analysis of Proteins

Maximized Resolution and Optimized Run Time for Small-Scale Preparative Purification and Analysis

The new generation size exclusion chromatography columns called Increase” from GE Healthcare offer improved performance than their predecessors. 

Comprising smaller, more rigid beads with a narrower particle size distribution and a higher selectivity than their predecessors, they offer:

  • Reduced runtimes with maintained resolution for results faster
  • Higher resolution for improved purity
  • Higher lot to lot consistency

The columns are tolerance to repeated harsh cleaning procedures at high pH, giving long column lifetime and minimal carry-over

With the addition of Superdex™ 30 Increase in June 2017, you now have four choices of the new generation SEC resin for small-scale preparative purification and analysis (4 to 500 µl):

  • For peptides and other small biomolecules: Superdex 30 Increase (Fractionation range Mr 100 to 7000)
  • For recombinant tagged proteins: Superdex 75 Increase (Fractionation range Mr 3000 to 70 000)
  • For MAbs and other antibodies: Superdex 200 Increase (Fractionation range Mr 10 000 to 600 000
  • For larger proteins and protein complexes: Superose™ 6 Increase (Fractionation range Mr 5000 to 5 000 000)

Three of the resins (Superdex 75 Increase, Superdex 200 Increase and Supersoe 6 Increase) are available prepacked in high-performance columns of three different sizes:10 mm x 300 mm (24 ml column volume), 5 mm x 150 mm (3 ml column volume) and 3.2 mm x 300 mm (2.4 ml column volume). Superdex 30 Increase is available as 10 mm x 300 mm and 3.2 mm x 300 mm columns. All columns are made of glass to allow easier visual inspection of the packed bed. The columns have fittings for simple connection to ÄKTA™ chromatography systems or equivalent high-performance systems.

Three different column dimensions are available:

  • The 10 × 300 mm column is well suited for high resolution separations for both preparative and analytical purposes, with sample volumes from 25 µl to 500 µl
  • For smaller sample volumes (4–50 µl) and high resolution preparations and analyses, the 3.2 × 300 mm column is the best choice
  • The shorter 5 × 150 mm column is suitable for quick purity checks and rapid screening when the highest resolution is not needed

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